Dogs, Dogs, Dogs

Aarf, Aarf, Bark, Bark
A Table that Went to the Dogs
Strange DogsToo Much Barking SmallDogs that Shed Less
Komodor Yorkshire Terrior Maltese Toy Poodle
Chinese Crested West Highland White
Terrier of West
Pug Spanish Water Dog
Puli Miniature Pinscher Tibetan Terrier
Shar Pei Cairn Terrier Toy Fox Terrier Shepadoodle
Xolo Fox Terrier Affenpinscher
Peruvian Inca Orchid Beagle Chihuahua Bichon Frise
This table was produced, directed and coded by Xavier. Dogs are an perfect pet to have. They will always be there for you and protect you. Ther such cute animal. They are something that you could have and bring arounf the family. When ever you are in a bad mood they now how to change it. There are all types of dogs so everyone should have one that fits there personality.

NCAA Tournament Information

General Information and Stats
NCAA March Madness
Champions Year Coaches Score Losing Team
UCLA 1967 John Wooden 79-64 Dayton
UCLA 1968 John Wooden 78-55 North Carolina
UCLA 1969 John Wooden 92-72 Purdue
UCLA 1970 John Wooden 80-69 Jacksonville
UCLA 1971 John Wooden 68-62 Villanova
UCLA 1972 John Wooden 81-76 Florida State
UCLA 1973 John Wooden 87-66 Memphis State
North Carolina State 1974 Norm Sloan 76-64 Marquette
UCLA 1975 John Wooden 92-85 Kentucky
Indiana 1976 Bob Knight 86-68 Michigan
Marquette 1977 Al McGuire 67-59 North Carolina
Kentucky 1978 Joe B. Hall 94-88 Duke
Michigan State 1979 Jud Heathcote 75-64 Indiana State
Lousville 1980 Denny Crum 59-54 UCLA
Indiana 1981 Bob Knight 63-50 North Carolina
North Carolina 1982 Dean Smith 63-62 Georgetown
North Carolina State 1983 Jim Valvano 54-52 Houston
Georgetown 1984 John Thompson 84-75 Houston
Villanova 1985 Rollie Massimino 66-64 Georgetown
Louisville 1986 Denny Crum 72-69 Duke
Indiana 1987 Bob Knight 74-73 Syracuse
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