My Favorite Person, Seth Rogen

The Reason Seth Rogen is Famous

Seth is famous for being an actor, producer, director, and a comedian. Rogen began his career doing stand-up comedy. He acts in many movies. He's very good to watch and his movies are mainly for adults.

Seth Rogen's Personal Information

Seth is not a very selfish person. He does'nt let him being famous change the way he acts. He has accomplished many things in life, and continues to move on in life and set great goals for his self.

Seth Rogen's Physical Characteristics

Seth Rogen's height is 5'11 and his weight is 195. He has light brown hair.

Seth Rogen's Likes and Dislikes


Seth likes acting, comedy, and he also like spending time with family and friends.


Seth dislikes workingout, North Korea and Kim Jong Un.

What I Think About Seth Rogen

I think Seth is a very good guy. He likes to make his fans happy. He's amazing to watch. Every movie I have saw him in I have laughed hard. I also really like the way that he's always hyped and brings excitement to the table.