My Favorite Famous Person, Chris Pratt

The Reason Chris Pratt is Famous

Chris Pratt is well known for being an American movie actor. Some of his biggest movies that he has been in are Guardians of the Galaxy, Zero Dark Thirty, Jurassic World, and The Lego Movie. Chris Pratt has one award for his acting and he has been nominated for 10 total awards.

Chris Pratt's Personal Information

Chris Pratt was born on June 21, 1975. He resided in Virginia, Minnesota. In 2014, Chris Pratt was ranked #2 for sexiest man alive in People magazine. Chris enjoys fishing, hunting, and working on cars. He is a very humorous man who will always make you laugh.

Chris Pratt's Physical Characteristics

Chris Pratt is 6'2" and has green eyes with light brown hair color. Chris lost a lot of weight while getting in shape to take a role in Zero Dark Thirty and Moneyball.

Chris Pratt's Likes and Dislikes


-Working on Cars


-Criticizing Comments

What I Think About Chris Pratt

I really am a fan of Chris Pratt because I feel like he is a very skilled actor & humorous man. My favorite roll of Chris Pratt is his role as Star-Lord, or also referred to as Peter Quill. He knows how to entertain and engage audiences of the films that he stars in. I look forward to upcoming movies and television shows with him in it.