Emmanuel, Lesson 4a: Hyperlinks and an All-Expense Paid Trip

If I could go anywhere on an all expense paid trip, I would go to San Francisco, California. Not only is San Fran's weather ideal for my dream vacation, but in 2016, San Francisco will be the home of my favorite NBA team, The Golden State Warriors. While the Warriors currently play there home games at the Oracle Arena in Oakland, California. their true home is in the Golden State, which is why they are called the Golden State Warriors. For years they have been building their new stadium by the bay area. The new arena will be right on Mission Bay. The Warriors, now one of the NBA's top franchises is lead by the Splash Brothers, PG Stephen Curry, and SG Klay Thompson. As they look forward to making the move to a new home next year, they will for sure have new fans, as well as old ones. Me included if I ever went on an all-expense paid trip to San Francisco.