My Favorite Famous Person, James Franco

The Reason James Franco is Famous

James Franco is a 36 year old, Jewish-American actor who has acted in over 100 credits, produced over 20, and directed over 20 as well. He made his breakthorugh as a star on the 1999 TV Series Freaks and Geeks. He is now one of the most well-known actors of this century. In 2002, he scored his first major role in the movie Spider-Man. He auditioned for the main role of Peter Parker, but instead was given the role of Peter's best friend, and future foe, Harry Osborn. Since then he has starred in many films and self-written films. He is often called a "serious actor", when in fact he loves comedy, and would much rather take part in comedic movies as he does in many of his newer films, such as Pineapple Express, Your Highness, This Is the End, and The Interview.

Franco's Personal Information

James Franco was born in Alto California on April 19th, 1978. He is an actor, director, producer, and writer in the film business. One of his main interests is the writing screen plays. Some of his best friends are fellow actors Seth Rogen and Danny McBride. He's co-starred with each of them over 5 times, but off of the set, they all hang out with each other. Although they did not all grow up together, they all have many things in common besides acting. They are all of Jewish decent and although they do not show it, they embrace it off the screen.

Another one of James' main interests is painting. James started painting long before his acting days. After dropping out of UCLA after 1 year, he got a job at a local McDonald's and begun plotting his future. Although acting was always his dream, while waiting for the opportunity, he pursued in painting. He has painted hundreds of masterpeices in his day, and most likely will continue to paint even though his acting career shows him no sign of needing a source of income in the future. For now, James releases his paintings to various art galleries. Remember when I said Seth Rogen was James' best friend? Well, last year, James took their bromance to a whole new level when he pulled a "Jack to Rose"(Titanic) type move. That's right. He made one of his biggest artistic statements when he painted his best friend Seth NUDE. That was a big hit in Hollywood, and now that people have seen his artistic talents, his favorite hobby is no longer a secret.

Franco's Physical Description

James Franco is 36 year old, American born Jew. He is 5' 10" and weighs 168 lbs. His natural eye color is brown along with his hair being brown as well. He is often called an attractive man. He even made People Magazine's 50 Hottest Bachelors list. And in 2009, named him the "Sexiest Man Living." Although he has wavy/curly hair, he is often seen making bold statements with his looks. Many times he grows out his mustache, and last year after he finished filming The Interview, he decided to completely shave his head.

Franco's Likes and Dislikes


James Franco likes painting portraits and abstract pieces.
He also enjoys writing screen plays, and his own movies.
Off the big screen, he enjoys hanging with his best bud Seth Rogen, and doing crazy things with him.
One of the things Franco likes most is, well, girls.


Some things James Franco dislikes are North Korea and Kim Jong Un.
On a more serious note, James truly dislikes criticism.
For one, he is often called a "serious" actor. That is one of his biggest issues with people, because he does not think of himself as that, and he does so much off the screen to try to change the minds of those who think he is.
He is also very often called "gay" because of his many roles as a gay or bisexual character.
He hates the idea of people putting labels of sexual orientation on him, and anyone else.
He also dislikes being ignored. Which probably explains his many outrages public statements.

What I Think About James Franco

Personally, I love James Franco's work. He is by far, hands down my favorite actor, whether it's a serious role, or a comedic role, which I enjoy more. Ever since seeing his movie Your Highness, I've been hooked on all of his roles. Although he is criticised more than most actors, I think he's one of the best in the business. It could be because his comedy is very inappropriate & usually contains many sexual innuendos that his acting is not enjoyed by older audiences. But with the type of world we live in today, it appeals to the younger, more free spirited viewers, and that's one reason I love to watch his comedic roles and especially his self written ones. In my opinion, when paired up with Seth Rogen, they are the two funniest actors of this century.