The Story of Caroline and Kenzie

Once Upon a time, there were two girls named Caroline and Kenzie. One day, both of the girls were bored in class. They were in geometry class thinking about life. They were thinking about how they were going to swim in a pool of Jello this weekend. Click here to see a picture of bored girls
Suddenly Caroline thought of a maginificent idea. Her idea was to go climb a mountain for exercise. Even though we live in Nebraska, we thought it would be a good idea. So we backpacked around the United States and ended up in Colorado. When we arrived in Colorado we spotted some mountains and were extremely happy about it. Click here to see a picture of happy girls
They saw the perfect mountain to climb and they got very excited. It was far in the distance but they were determined to get there and climb that mountain. The mountian had trees, plants, and animals on it. Some of the trees they saw were pine trees and evergreen trees. Some of the plants they saw were catci that grow on the rocks and also the Rocky Mountain Juniper. Some of the animals they saw were the big horn sheep, mountain goat, brown bear, black bear, grizzly bear, mountain lions, and an antelope. Click here to see a picture of girls pointing at a mountain
Kenzie got mad at Caroline because she decided to push Kenzie off a cliff on the mountain. Kenzie fell on to a cactus and all the prickly things on the catcus were now in Kenzie's back. Kenzie screamed with pain. Her clothes were all bloody and ripped. Caroline started laughing because she has no heart. But then she decided to help Kenzie out of the catcus and even offered Kenzie her clothes. How nice! While they were down there they spotted a hungry black bear. They were so terrified they ran into a nearby cave. Click here to see a picture of a mad girl
In the cave, they saw something shiny in the corner. This interested Caroline so she went over and picked it up. She was very curious in what it was. She brought it over to Kenzie. They were very amazed in this object. It was white, black, and long. They had seen one before but they didn't have one of their own. They decided to turn it on. It was very bright and what was on it shocked them. Click here to see a picture of a phone
Once they turned the object on they saw a picture. The picture was of an animated steak. The steak looked so good to the girls. It was brown and appeared to be a pretty sassy steak. The steak had a face and was a woman. The girls were really confused on why this would be on such an object in the cave. They brainstormed some more to find out what this object was and came upon the name phone. They discovered that it was a phone with an animated picture of a steak. Click here to see a picture of an animated steak
Once the girls saw the picture of the steak its all they could think about for 5 hours. They were stuck in that cave because the bear would not leave outside the cave and they were terribly frightened. They barely had any food. All that was running through their minds was the steak. Day and night it was the steak. It would pop up in their dreams. It would appear sometimes beside them when they were just sitting their alone. This was crazy. They were beyond hungry. Click here to see a picture of two hungry girls
The starvation continued. They were barely surviving or so they thought. By now they have gone about 8 and half hours without food but to them it seemed like a lifetime. They searched the entire cave for anything that look edible. After about 2 hours of searching they came across a marker. This marker was black and white. It was definitley not edible but that did not stop Kenzie. The marker was sitting about 10 feet between Kenzie and Caroline. They both looked at eachother and were going to take off to get the marker or so Kenzie thought because she ran and dived for the marker while Caroline watched her. Kenzie devoured the marker immediately. She finished every last bit of it. Click here to see Kenzie eating a marker
After eating the marker Kenzie felt completely fine. Only about an hour or so after she ate the marker she did not feel good at all. She started getting really cold and hot all at once. She kept coming in and out of consciousness. At one point she looked like she was ghost white. Caroline didn't know what to do. She finally thought that she should see if the phone would help. She figured out how to call someone on the phone (luckily). Just with her luck there was no service. She called many many many times but still there was no service. Caroline could not think of any more ideas so she sat by Kenzie hoping she would maybe get better. Caroline sat there and prayed and just kept praying. Kenzie was seriously sick but when she stopped having symptoms she just went into a sleep. Click here to see a picture of Kenzie very sick
Caroline decided that if Kenzie was taking a nap she might as well to because she needed to relax. Caroline then went into a deep sleep for 45 minutes. She woke up to the sound of the bear outside the cave. Caroline was so frightened by this noise she decided to wake up Kenzie who was still asleep. She tapped Kenzie a few times but she did not budge. She started yelling her name ans shaking her trying to wake her up but she did not move at all. Caroline realized that this whole time Kenzie was not sleeping; she was dead. Caroline with tears running down her face says goodbye to Kenzie. Then she stands up, goes outside the cave and lets the bear take her life. The End. Click here to see a picture of Kenzie dead