Kenzie Homan's Web Defintions

This webpage has defined certain words for you. If you want to go to the page it was found on you click on the link. It is set up in alphabetical order to help the viewers navigate the words easier. This class is an Intro to Web Design class. I have learned so much already on how to make a simple Web Page. Now it is getting more interesting as we go farther into detail. This class is suppose to further your knowledge on the internet and how to use it properly. At the end of this semester I will have a live Web Page on the internet for anyone to see! To prepare us for our end of the year project which is making a live website on our own we have activities. Each day we learn something new on creating a web page and for the last several days we have been learning how to put web definitions on one. Feel free to click on any definition that might sound interesting to you.

A few words that I found interesting were Spider and Wan. Spider is a program that searches the interent for new resources and then files the available ones in FTP archives and Gopher documents. I thought this word was interesting because it was called a Spider in the first place. It is also similar to a crawler. I think these words are cool that they can be used in such different meanings than the more obvious ones that people are more familiar with. Wan I kinda thought was a weird name but it is actually really cool. It is a network that connects to long distances!

To define these words for you I mostly used Netlingo. Netlingo is very useful because it defined most of these words in great detail that would help you better understand the word. I did google maybe 3 at most of these words that did not appear on the website. Netlingo was very helpful and useful and I thank Netlingo.

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