Xavier's and Jayden's trips to Florida

Once upon a time there was a young man, his name was Xavier. He was flying down to Florida with his family Tiffany(mom), Mike(stepdad), Isaac(littlest brother), Antonio(middle child). We were heading down early July. Xavier woke up that morning at 3:45. When he woke up he went to the airport and was on his way to his favorite state Florida. He was heading down there to do have a great time and spend time with his family and make some great memories. airplane ride
When they arrived in Florida they took a bus to their hotel. When they first arrived at their hotel it was slightly raining. After the rain had cleared up they went to the pool down at their hotel and swam. At their hotel there were over 30 pools! Since they had so many pools it was not as packed as they thought it would have been. They had a lot of fun the first couple hours of swimming. Xavier and his brothers in a picture
After resting on the first day of arriving, they went to Sea World! They went and walked around went on rides and had a great time with the family. The day was not as perfect as you would of thought, there was a tremendous amount of rain and lightning. While they had to wait for the rain to clear they went and ate lunch. After lunch the rain and sky had cleared up so now they could see the show. The wait was worth it, they got to see whales and dolphins! They saw people jumping off of little cliffs and riding the dolphins as they swam. As the picture shows we got a nice shot of this sexy dolphin flying out of the water. Xavier watching a dolphin show
Later on that day they kept walking around Sea World. We did not notice that we did not walk all the way through the park. We kept walking around having a great time when we walked up to a little pond. We looked in it and we seen a ton of sting rays and got to pet them! This picture is of Xavier(me) petting it! It was the first time I had done something crazy like this but it was an experience I could not refuse. The sting ray felt very smooth and and it was cool to see where their eyes and mouth were. We even got to put shrimp in between our fingers and let the sting ray eat it out of our hands! Xavier touching Sting Rays
After a good night of sleep we went to a Disney themed park the next day. It had many cool things to look at and take pictures of. We got some pretty hilarious, and cool pictures down at this park. They had a rainforest themed part of the park, and we got a crazy picture of Lego land. We captured a picture of a sadly fake volcano erupting. It was pretty cool to see so much fire and smoke come out of it and the fire was so hot we could feel the warmth of it even though we were standing about 2 football fields away from it. Xavier at a Disney theme park
We had some great times at these parks now it was time for a break. Even though he was a little late my bro Jayden decided to join me. With his great photography he got this sexy pic of the beach. We had a pretty darn good time relaxing,swimming, trying to surf and getting some pretty hot babes. The weather outside made it so much better because it was one of the only days it did not rain or storm. It was pretty nice to spend time with family on a beautiful beach. Picture of Jayden at the beach
We ended up going back to our regular type day by going to another Disney themed waterpark. We spent hours walking at this place but it worth every minute. We got to ride some huge water slides and go into a huge wave pool. We go towards the end of the day and I decided to take a picture inside the lining of a shark mouth. I thought it would be pretty cool since I mean I am from Nebraska we do not really get to do cool things like this. Xavier at disney water park
Well as usual we went back to the hotel for some late night dives in the pool. This picture was taken by your very own Jayden V. He got this glamorous picture of one of the pools at night. This was one of the 30 pools. It was a dope photo besides the weird guy creeping in the corner of the picture. Jayden taking a picture of the pool
So, on to another day, Jayden got to go to the Gator Bowl! You don't really get too many chances going to one of these type of games. He had a pretty darn good time with his OG pops. He also got to have fun and cheer on his home town the BIG N! He got to enjoy this nice Florida weather. Jayden at a Nebraska game in Florida
Had a great time in Florida but the last day was coming up, so whats better than going to Disney World! We spent our whole entire day here. We walked around for hours looking at things and riding rides, but we did not even get to ride all of the rides. We got a real quick picture with a Transformer, I’m sorry I don't know what his name was. I just thought it would be sweet to take a picture like this. This Transformer could even walk and talk! Xavier enjoying his last day in Florida