Dogs, Dogs, Dogs

Aarf, Aarf, Bark, Bark
A Table that Went to the Dogs
Strange DogsToo Much Barking Small DogsDogs that Shed Less
Komodor Yorkshire Terrior Maltese Toy Poodle
Chinese CrestedWest Highland White
Terrier of West
PugSpanish Water Dog
Puli Miniature Pinscher Tibetan Terrier
Shar Pei Cairn Terrier Toy Fox TerrierShepadoodle
Xolo Fox Terrier Affenpinscher
Peruvian Inca Orchid Beagle Chihuahua Bichon Frise
This table was produced, directed and coded by Jakob Harris. I have 2 dogs, Zoe and Koda. I prefer dogs over cats because dogs connect with me more and I feel like they can understnad me. Out of all the different kinds of dogs my favoirte is the boxer.

NCAA Basketball Tournament

Tournament Champs
NCAA March Madness
Year Champion Coach Score Opposing Team
1995 UCLA Jim Harrick 89-78 Arkansas
1996 KentuckyRick Pitino76-67Syracuse
1997 ArizonaLute Olson84-79Kentucky
1998 Kentucky Tubby Smith78-69Utah
1999Connecticut Jim Calhoun 77-74 Duke
2000Michigan State Tom Izzo 89-76Florida
2001 Duke Mike Krzyzewski 82-72Arizona
2002Maryland Gary Williams 64-52Indiana
2003Syracuse Jim Boeheim 81-78Kansas
2004Connecticut Jim Calhoun 82-73Georgia Tech
2005 North Carolina Roy Williams 75-70Illnois
2006 Florida Billy Donovan 73-57UCLA
2007 Florida Billy Donovan 84-75 Ohio State
2008Kansas Bill Self75-68 Memphis
2009 North Carolina Roy Williams 89-72Michigan State
2010Duke Mike Krzyzewskui61-59 Butler
2011 Connecticut Jim Calhoun53-41Butler
2012Kentucky John Calipari67-59Kansas
2013Louisville Rick Pitino82-76 Michigan
2014ConnecticutKevin Ollie60-54 Kentucky