My Favorite Famous Person, Stephen Curry

The Reason Stephen Curry is Famous

Stephen Curry is famous for being in the NBA. He plays for the Golden State Warriors and has a very high chance of winning this years Most Valuble Player (MVP) Award. He also has the worlds most selling NBA jersey with the number 30 shining on the back.

Stephen Curry's Personal Information

Some things Stephen has done is win the NBA sportsmanship award in 2011. He was also on the NBA All-Rookie team in 2010. He has a wife and a kid that he spends time with in his free time. His brother Seth Curry is also in the NBA and plays for the Cleveland Caveliers.

Stephen Curry's Physical Characteristics

Stephen is 6'3" 185 lbs. He has brown hair and hazel eyes. Stephen is mixed and and has brown facial hair.

Stephen Curry's Likes and Dislikes


Good food


Sleeved jerseys
The Clippers
Missing shots

What I Think About Stephen Curry

Stephen is my favorite NBA player of all time and I look up to him as a player. I think he is a terrific player & MVP worthy. Also in my opinion he is the best shooter in the NBA. He is small and went to a small college called Davidson. Everyone thought he was too small to play so the only college that would take him was Davidson. He took his team all the way to the NCAA championship and got drafted to the Golden State Warriors. I am short and want to play in the NBA so in a way we are alike.