An Original Story

Kyra is the name of my golden retriever dog. She has a very large and in charge personality. She is a big dog and enjoys antagonizing the people who look after her. When she goes on a walk she stops and stalks the leaves that blow in the wind. She does this repetitively until she has collected as many sticks and leaves as possible. She especially enjoys doing this when it is super windy outside. This makes taking her for a walk a pain sometimes. Walking her is also frustrating when she sees a person that she wants to go meet. She will drag you over to see the person who she thinks is walking around and waiting specifically for the purpose of adoring her. Sometimes the people Kyra drags me over to see are happy to see her, Other times they are afraid of dogs, so they will try and get away from my dog, who is dragging me over to them. It is very frustrating. On the other hand, sometimes walking my dog can be very enjoyable. When it is nice weather outside and my dog is not trying to drag me around to chase a person or a leaf, she is actually fun to walk. I also enjoy running with my dog because she provides good company when I am going for a long run. Dog with a stick in her mouth
My dog spends the rest of her time inside the house. Sometimes she is annoying. She jumps around and barks really loudly to get people to play with her. Once she has captured your attention, Kyra will run to her basket of toys and grab a squeaky toy in her mouth. She has two favorite toys. One is a hedge hog with a red Christmas hat that squeaks. The other one is a green and black striped snake that also squeaks. The snake is her favorite because she can use it as a sort of tug-of-war-rope when she plays with it. Kyra also likes to sleep. Her favorite spot to sleep is on the couch; she can stretch out so that she takes up the entire thing! When she does that and my sister or I try to get her to move she growls and stays where she is. It is especially frustrating when I am trying to watch a movie or relax. Dog with a toy
Kyra also causes problems when she trys to play with something that she is not supposed to play with. Normally, that happens to be a piece of clothing like socks. When I try to take the sock back from my dog she growls and thinks that it is a game. Dog on a bed with a sock
Kyra also likes to play outside. She enjoys running around in the snow. When Kyra is in the snow she puts her nose to the ground and tunnels through the snow with her nose. It is pretty cute to watch. Click here to view a larger picture
Kyra loves the snow, however she does not love the rain. When Kyra goes in the rain she gets "bad hair". She also smells really bad; like wet dog. She is kind of cute though with her wet fur and goofy tongue. A wet dog
When my family and I are watching a movie, sometimes we throw popcorn at my dog. She tries to catch it, but sometimes it lands in her fur. Other times, my sister or I will fake that we threw the popcorn and my dog will run around the room looking for it. It is really funny to watch. Dog with her tongue sticking out
Every now and then when my sister and I get really bored, we will dress-up our dog with goofy hats or scarves. Dog in a cowboy hat
When my dog was a puppy, she did not like the ocean. We would take her to the beach and she would run away from the waves because they frightened her. Eventually, she got used to the noise and ran into the waves. However, she only did this after she had seen another dog run into the ocean before her. Dog underwater
Sometimes my dog thinks she is a tiny lap dog. Once when my aunt (who is not really a "dog-person") was staying with us, my dog tried to crawl into her lap. My aunt did not really appreciate and it was somewhat funny to watch. Small dog with a tennis ball
Every now and then after my dog has slept for a long time, she gets weird fur. Her fur sticks up in funny places. It looks almost like a baby orangutang at the zoo. When that happens, I will mess it up even more because it is pretty adorable. I think it bothers my dog a little bit, but she is a good sport. An Orangutang with funny hair
My dog may look like a princess, but she does not always act like one. Once, my family and I went to the beach and my dog played on the beach and in the ocean (she was not afraid anymore). My mom made the mistake of letting my dog off her leash. It turned out to be a bad idea, however we did not know this at the time. My dog was super excited and ran around chasing birds and pretty much anything else that moved. (It was fun to watch her try and catch the birds, however I do not believe she realized that the birds could fly and she could not.) Anyways, while she was running around and being crazy, my dog happened to find a dead star fish. My dog then decided to eat the starfish. It made her extremely sick! She even turned green. On the way home she threw-up parts of the star-fish. It was absolutely distgusting. I felt bad for my dog, but it was also slightly her fault. Dog with a crown on her head