Erin Tammen's Lesson 7b, Tables with Attributes and Style

Dessert Foods

Types of Cake Types of Icecream
Cheesecake Double Fudge
Icecream Cake Chocolate
Angel Food Cake Cookie Dough
Birthday Cake Vanilla

American Foods (small table)

Pizza Flavors Burgers
Cheese Cheeseburger
Meat Lovers Bacon Blue Cheese
Hawaiian Chipotle Turkey
Pepperoni Chicken Caesar
Mushroom Veggie Burger

Hispanic Foods (medium size)

Dinner Foods Dessert Foods
Flan Mexican Cake
Tacos Tres Leches
Tamelas Churros
Enchiladas Coconut Flan
Quesadilla sopapillas

French Foods (large table)

Meals Desserts
Crepes Pear Tarte Tatin
Salade Nicoise Sour Cherry Compote
Le bouillon French Apple Tart
La bisque Raspberry Brûlée
Pistou Croquembouche