My Favorite Famous Person, Sadie Robertson

The Reason Sadie Robertson is Famous

Sadie Robertson is famous from her appearance on the show Duck Dynasty with her father Willie Robertson and her grandfather Phil Robertson. Sadie has become more famous however, from her dancing on the show Dancing with the Stars.

Sadie Robertson's Personal Information

Sadie Robertson was born in Louisiana on June 17,1997. She is seventeen years old and is Christian. Sadie has four siblings: John Luke, Will, Rebecca, and Bella. Sadie is the oldest daughter. Sadie's siblings Rebecca and Willie (Will) were adopted into her family.
Sadie plays basketball in highschoool on the varsity team. Sadie is number 15 on her basketball team. Sadie has been on the varsity team since eigth grade. Her coach is also her uncle and said, "Sadie got her skills from Willie." (Willie is Sadie's father.)

Sadie's Physical Characteristics

Sadie Robertson is 5-foot-6. She has brown hair with blonde highlight. Sadie has brown eyes that complement her hair color.

Sadie Robertson's Likes and Dislikes


The color green.
Her family.
Her faith.
Her basketball team.


Being nervous before performing on Dancing with The Stars (DWTS).
The added criticism because of Sadie's outspoken faith.
On DWTS when she had to switch partners.

What I Think About Sadie Robertson

I think that Sadie Robertson is and admirable famous person because of her Outspoken Faith   and her poise when perfoming on the show Dancing with The Stars. Sadie is also athletic and she appreciates her family. All in all, I believe that Sadie is a good role model.