Eamon's Lesson 7b, Tables with Attributes and Style

English to Spanish translation

In English In Spanish
Cat Gato
Dog Perro
Walk Caminar
When Caundo

Nonflightless and Flightless Birds(small table)

Non-Flightless (Flightful?) Flightless
Swan Auk
Cardinals Penguin
Blue Jay Kiwi
Mocking Jay Emus

Pros and Cons of the Sun going out (medium sized table)

Pros Cons
Earth-based telescopes can see farther No solar powered calculators
No confusion with time zones The moon wouldn't shine
Less skin cancer Everyone would argue over the date and time
No risk of solar flares We would all freeze and die

Some really big and small things (large table)

Large Small
New York, New York Newborns
The Earth Krill
The Sun Hydrogen Atoms
Supernovae Quarks