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Characteristics of Cougars

Top 10 Legendary Streaks in Sports

  1. Caltech Men's Basketball's 207 Straight Losses
  2. Arsenal's 49-Match Unbeaten Streak
  3. UCLA Men's Basketball's 88 Straight Wins
  4. Martina Navratilova's 16 Straight Years with a Grand Slam Win
  5. Orel Hershiser's 59 1/3 Straight Scoreless Innings Pitched
  6. Byron Nelson's 11 Straight PGA Tour Wins
  7. Brett Favre's 297 Straight NFL Games Started
  8. Boston Celtics' Eight Straight NFL Games Started
  9. Cal Ripken's 2,632 Consecutive Games Played
  10. Joe DiMaggio's 56-Game Hitting Streak

Top 10 Odd Phobias

  1. Mageirocophobia:
    Fear of Cooking
  2. Agyrophobia:
    Fear of Crossing the Street
  3. Pediophobia: Fear of Dolls
  4. Deipnophobia: Fear of Dinner Conversation
  5. Eisoptrophobia:
    Fear of Mirrors
  6. Demonophobia:
    Excessive Fear of Demons
  7. Pentheraphobia:
    Fear of Mother-in-Law
  8. Arachibutyrophobia:
    Fear of Peanut Butter Sticking to the Roof of your Mouth
  9. Cathisophobia:
    Fear of Sitting
  10. Automatonophobia:
    Fear of a Ventriloquist’s Dummy