Eamon Hajek-Jones's 6c: Changing Lists

A List I Made Up

Daily To Do List

  1. Get out of Bed
  2. Take a shower
  3. Brush teeth
  4. Comb hair
  5. Put on clothes
  6. Put on socks
  7. All done!

Wait a minute, I believe I forgot a few things.

  1. Put on shoes
  2. Eat breakfast
  3. Go to school

List of Lists

  1. Beverages
  2. Saints
  3. Other names for cougars
  4. Pies
  5. Car Manufactuers
  6. Mustache Types
  7. Airlines

Uh oh. I just ran out of lists. Might as well put some I can do later, then.

  1. Time Travelers
  2. Companies
  3. Accidental Inventions
  4. Superheroes