Fire ants delay SC high school football game (AP)

Tuesday, 27 September 2011 08:14

A game in South Carolina was postponed Friday after the referee decided the field was unplayable because of fire ants. Referee Steve Hook says he found 15 to 20 large active fire ant mounds shortly before the game.

Hook says he was worried about players, coaches and officials. Bruce Hulion with the South Carolina High School League says officials properly handled the safety issue.

The home team, Hunter-Kinard-Tyler, tried digging up the ant piles and pouring salt on them before the game was postponed. One fan offered to bring fire-ant poison.

The field was deemed ready Monday night. Calhoun County beat the home team 19-8.


Wow. I knew ants were annoying, but this is a whole different level. Has anything like this happened anywhere else?

I remember hearing about some ants in texas that would crawl inside electronics and cause them to short out. They're hard to get rid of, too.

I wonder if anyone was dumb enough to try to pour gasoline into the holes and light it up. (It doesn't work well, trust me.)