This is the default font. Notice that when a person codes CSS fonts, one includes a "font family". This is done just in case the browser does not recognize the first font listed in the family. It will just move to the next font in the list to display the text.

This is the Verdana font. For a few years, tug-of-war was an olympic sport.

This is the Georgia font. Dogs and cats are often enemies.

This is the Courier font. The current president of the United States is Barack Hussein Obama.

This is the Arial font. My favorite school subject is Advanced Biology.

This is the Tahoma font. Architects and engineers often disagree- architects say engineers make ugly buildings, engineers say architects make fragile buildings.

This is the Trebuchet MS font. I honestly cannot remember when the next Olympics is.

My favorite font was the Verdana font because it worked on the first try.