My favorite famous person is Shel Silverstein.

The Reason Shel Silverstein is Famous

The reason Shel Silverstein is Famous is that he wrote many bestelling children's poetry books, like The Giving Tree and the lyrics of some famous songs, such as "The Cover of the Rolling Stone" and, "A Boy Named Sue."

Shel Silverstein's Appearance

Shel Silverstein had brown eyes, was bald with a black beard, and tended to wear shabby clothes.

Shel Silverstein's Likes and Dislikes


Singing-Although he said once that even he enjoyed singing, the people around him seemed to wince when he opened his mouth.


Overinterpretation of his work

What I Think About Shel Silverstein

I think that although he is a bit odd, his children's books are somewhat humorous & ponderous at the same time. Unlike what most of the other people are doing for this project, he died in 1999 and didn't live his life in the limelight. He never really sought attention, and disliked it immensly.