"Genius Jimmy"

Once upon a time an extremely smart guy named Jimmy Samsill Smith was born into the Land of Skull Candy. Although no one knew it, he was not a normal person -- he was magically gifted with brain power. Jimmy knew everything about anything. He could tell you what happened at 4:37 p.m. on August 23 in 1698. But as they say with great power comes great responsibility. So as most children experience, while Jimmy Samsill Smith grew up, he was faced with many challenges… although, these challenges are much different than what other children grow up with. Picture 1
When Jimmy Samsill Smith was only five years old, he was alone in the Forest of the Fibonacci Spiral, which was a forest that was shaped in a spiral by the works of nature, when a flock of two hundred seven-legged cactuses appeared out of nowhere! The seven-legged cactuses told Jimmy Samsill Smith that he had to solve a riddle in order to get past them. Jimmy Samsill Smith was very scared, but knew that he could easily solve the riddle. He had heard every riddle in the universe. Picture 2
The riddle stated “You have been given the task of transporting three thousand apples one thousand miles from Appleland to Bananaville. Your truck can carry one thousand apples at a time. Every time you travel a mile towards Bananaville you must pay a tax of one apple but you pay nothing when going in the other direction (towards Appleland). What is highest number of apples you can get to Bananaville and how do you do that?” Jimmy Samsill Smith though about this for a few seconds, trying to remember the answer, and then calmly stated “Easy. You can transport eight hundred and thirty-three apples. First, you need to make three trips of one thousand apples three hundred and thirty-three miles. After that, you will be left with two thousand and one apples and six hundred and sixty-seven miles to go. Now, you will want to take two trips of a thousand apples each five hundred miles. Doing this will leave you with one thousand apples and one hundred and sixty-seven miles to go. There will be one apple that you have to leave behind. Finally, after you travel the last one hundred and sixty-seven miles with one load of a thousand apples and are left with eight hundred and thirty-three apples in Bananaville.” Picture 3
.” The two hundred seven-legged cactuses were so shocked that they let Jimmy Samsill Smith through right away. Jimmy Samsill Smith waltzed through the cactuses and went on his merry way. Picture 4
A year later, Jimmy Samsill Smith got a call from him best friend, Cliff Randy Gibson. Cliff Randy Gibson and Jimmy Samsill Smith have been friends for as long as anyone can remember. Both Jimmy Samsill Smith and Cliff Randy Gibson were big Led Zeppelin fans. Cliff Randy Gibson told Jimmy Samsill Smith that an evil force, named the Genius Brauns, was trying to destroy Jimmy and Cliff’s favorite band! Jimmy Samsill Smith was very upset and so was Cliff Randy Gibson! If Cliff Randy Gibson’s favorite band goes away he’s going to cry for seven years and eleven months. Picture 5
. Jimmy Samsill Smith went up to the Genius Brauns, who were trying to destroy Led Zeppelin and gave the Genius Brauns a history quiz on the history of classic rock. The Genius Brauns utterly failed the test and said that they wouldn’t try to destroy Led Zeppelin ever again or any other classic rock groups. After this, Jimmy Samsill Smith became known in his vast knowledge of everything. Picture 6
Finally, when Jimmy Samsill Smith was twelve years old, his brain powers we're really put to the test. He got a letter from the leader of the Extremely Smart Peoples’ Association, explaining that he, Jimmy Samsill Smith, had been chosen to complete a very dangerous and important quest. If he failed, the world would be in extreme danger or even end! Jimmy Samsill Smith knew that he could not let that happen! Picture 7
So, being the noble, brainy guy that Jimmy Samsill Smith was, he took up the task, and Cliff Randy Gibson joined him, bringing along his magical, “know all” pencil. Together they followed a map into the Springbok Molion Cave, where they found a ferocious testing room. Picture 8
Inside the testing room was a big and scary teacher rainforest frog that was giving a test. Jimmy knew that he could easily take this test. He did great on every test he took. The test was long and monstrous, but once he finished, Jimmy Samsill Smith and Cliff Randy Gibson threw the “know all” pencil at the big and scary teacher rainforest frog. The big and scary teacher rainforest frog wailed out loud in pain, and then the test was finally over with. Picture 9
Jimmy Samsill Smith and Cliff Randy Gibson had heroically and quite quickly saved the world from bad tests and mean testing rainforest frogs all over the world. The next day, there was a headline in the newpaper announcing “Jimmy Samsill Smith and Cliff Randy Gibson Save the World from Evil Testing Rainforest Frog!” Picture 10