Our 8 Project story

When you get a oppurtunity to travel across Europe for the price of a Mcdonalds coffee, anyone will do it. We took it and like that we were on our way to the United Kingdom and we dropped off near the Parliment. The Building was cool but Jakob enjoyed seeing Big Ben more than the building itself and we could see the London eye across the river. After that we had to catch Underground subway trains to make it to Buckingham Palace, which was smaller than we thought, but was cool with the Royal guard out in front. Big Ben
The Night was short because at midnight we had to take a ferry over the english canal to Le Havre, France where we would stay for the night, not before we could grab a little midnight snack Buckingham Palace
The morning was an early one. Around 7AM we heard a rush of people and cheering and the sound of a lot of cars on the street. When we looked outside, The cars turned out to be bikes and right then we knew we were watching the Tour De France. We made our way down to the Main plaza of the city when the event was going on and there was a gyro shop and who wouldn't get a delicious lunch London Eye
After the Bikers had exited the city and many people were exiting the city, we decided to follow but didnt follow the bikers. We headed south for France through the hills in a BMW X3 navigating the tight turns up and down the hills. In about 3 hours we reached the outskirts of the city and soon we could feel that we were in a busy metropolis British Royal Guard
Paris was cool, everything was on the move and it felt like if you closed one street, everything in the city would come to a stop. The Tour de France wouldn't be in town for a few more days so we could walk around the city and see everthing. English channel ferry
The line to get to the very top of the Eiffel was too long so we went to the second level and that was high enough. We could see almost everything including Notre Dame from a distance. With the rest of the time we had we got lunch and decided to rest and get a hotel room in the western part of the city Eiffel Tower
We didnt want to catch the traffic of the Tour and we deciced to go to the small country of Monaco in southern France. The drive was about half a day but we got into town at about noon at got a hotel in the Casino Royale. We got to park next to an Aston Martin and a guy in a tuxedo got out, but our BMW was the better of the two. The remainder of night was spent around the city from the docks on a Yacht to the high rise of our hotel room Tour De France
The morning was felt like a year recovring from the late night, lots of protein in our breakfest would help us wake up. With the night spent in Monaco we had to get back to Le Harve and get back to the London Airport. We only had 20 hours to make it to the ferry in Le Harve so we could board the plane. We packed up all the goodies from Monaco and were on the road, but one problem, the Tour de France was going through Paris. Le Harve
We got to the edge of Paris and the tourists flooding the city was enough to only go one mile an hour. We left the car in Paris and got on some bikes and joined the pack to fit in. We got past downtown and were in the northern part of the city when we ditched the bikes and suddenly found a Lamborghini Aventador and decide this was the only quick way to get to Le Harve. Monaco
We didnt know the speed limit so we made up our own and it was somewhere in the upper hundreds and we tested the limit with that car. The ferry was leaving the dock right as we entered and just made it, the next ferry was a day later. We arrived an hour later at the London airport and were able to board our flight with no problems and were on our way home. London Airport