My favorite person is Bradely Cooper

The reason Bradley Cooper is famous

The main reason I put him as my favorite is because I recently saw American Sniper. In my opinion, that was one of the best war movies I have see in a long time. American Sniper was about a sniper in Iraq who have over 160 confirmed kills during his 4 tours into Iraq. He would deal with all the fighting but then a big chunk of the movie focused on the horrors for returing soldiers.

Bradley Cooper's personal information

Bradely Cooper was already a famous actor for other movies like American Hustle and Silver lingings Playbook. He has won Oscars and is currently in the running for American Sniper for best actor.Bradely Cooper isnt like Miley Cirus or the other people who are known as Bad Influences, his character is very well compared to others.

Bradley Cooper's Physical Charcteristics

Bradley Cooper is 6' 1" and 40 years old, he is had Dark Brown hair and is about 190lbs

Bradely Cooper's Likes and dislikes


Jennifer Larwence
his car's


Valetines Day
weird animals

What I think about Bradley Cooper

I think Bradley Cooper is one of the best actors at the moment, his abilty to play great characters is why he is very good