Gun saftey

Firearm Saftey courses

For just firing weapons you do not need a permit to fire it and use it. There are permits and licsenses for owning, but for firing you just need to use basic rules. Always keep the barrel of the gun pointed down and away from people until ready, in case of a misfire. Keep your finger off the trigger and saftey on until ready to fire. Finally, Don't load your gun until you are ready to fire, if you do this the previous two steps will lessen your risk of accident.

Hunting Saftey Courses

To Be able to hunt you have to pass a course that goes over the basics of gun care and animal hunting. Hunters from the age of 12 and up have to pass a Hunters/Gun education and saftey course to be able to get their licsense. Hunters are required to wear orange to alert other hunters of their location. You will also have to learn the basics of the animals you are hunting, like the position of the heart and lungs, and optional how to skin and mount.