Dogs, Dogs, Dogs

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A Table that Went to the Dogs
This table was produced, directed and coded by Castle Anzalone. In most cases dogs need proper care. Certain dogs need specialized care based on their needs. Some dogs have problems with tarter build up and can develop halitosis. Other dogs may need to receive medication for gene related allergies. Allergies can even sometimes be caused by grass on the dogs feet, causing the dog to bite at their feet until they bleed or become raw. Clipping the nails of your dog is very important, but must be handled with care. Proper use of trimming tools is required. Lastly, know your dog. Know how your dog reacts to certain things such as illness. Make positive you take proper care of your pooch.
Strange DogsToo Much BarkingSmall DogsDogs That Shed Less
KomondorYorkshire TerrierMalteseToy Poodle
Chinese CrestedWest Highland White Terrier of West HighlandPugSpanish Water Dog
PuliMiniature PinscherTibetan Terrier
Shar PeiCairn TerrierToy Fox TerrierShepadoodle
XoloFox TerrierAffenpinscher
Peruvian Inca OrchidBeagleChihuahuaBichon Frise

March Madness

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Dallin B.Nick K.Hakeem B.Abram J.Jaron M.
Brekkot C.Wanaah B.Denzell W.Andrinek M.Alex Y.
Jake C.Kory A.Nick N.Babajic E.Travis S.
Austin E.Norman P.Chris C.Babic J.Will D.
Kyle K.Kevon L.Robert B.Bajc R.Reed M.
Jordan L.Isaac H.Jarvis C.Banic J.Jonathan G.
Kenneth O.David B.Tosin M.Baric N.Luke N.
Jeremy O.Gyorgy G.Tyler M.Berce T.Haroldas S.
Jakob P.Jerrold S.Denzel C.Cenecic T.Ioannis D.
Chris R.Bryce A.C.J. W.Ejup A.Shawn R.
Brandon T.Alec W.William L.Ferkulj M.Dominique D.
Dakari T.Noah A.Lewis S.Fidersek A.John R.
Eris W.Tony P.Lionel L.Figek N.Spencer R.
Delon W.Thomas W.C - Jerod H.Forsthuber J.Aaron W.
Isaiah W.Jonah B.C - Robert E.Goja J.Mike B.