This is the default font. Notice that when a person codes CSS fonts, one includes a "font family." This is done just in case the browser does not recognize the first font listed in the family. It will just move to the next font in the list to display the text.

We added color to a CSS class that we already had made previously. This kept the original font style but added a color to it. We can also add style to HTML tags. We added a background color to the body and since we already had used the body tag, we didn't have to make any other adjustments.

See how some of the text colors show up well against the background and some do not? Choosing the correct coors when designing websites is important because the Web Content Accessibility Quidlines 1.0 requires that foregrouind and background color combinations provide sufficient contrast when viewed by someone aving volor deficits, or when viewed on a black and white screen. You can checkl contrast colors by searching Google for "CSS contrast color checker."

This is the Verdana font. Robotics is going to vex state.

This is the Georgia font. Dog's and Cat's are great companions.

This is the Courier font. The president is always criticized.

This is the Arial font. I like web page design because it has a programming like nature.

This is the Tahoma font. I think Matthew wants to do architectural engineering.

This is the Trebuchet MS font. The olympics gives out medals made of metals.

I think I like Courier, it looks old.