My Favorite Famous Person, Hector Giblic

The Reason Hector Giblic is Famous

Force of Negative Mass

Hector Giblic was a major contributor to the world of aerospace science. Hector discovered that using the Higgs Bosons in unison with the Higgs Field he could make previously heavy parts seem massless. Small capturing stations in the hull of the aerospace plane hold Higgs Bosons and force them to vertically spin at a rapid speed of around 44,000 kilometers a second. A ring devoid of the Higgs Field is created in all but one area. When the Higgs Boson spins and hits the field it would usually gain mass, in this case it reworks an area to have negative mass because of the velocity of the Higgs Boson and the placement of the field bringing the craft upward without thrusting. This was only possible when combined in union with the recently discovered method of producing larger amounts of negative energy than ever before. Thus the new method of aerospace plane travel can shoot farther than ever before because of this ground-breaking discovery!

Other Contributions

Before discovering the possibilities of the Higgs Boson and its ability to rework the mass of a small area, Hector Giblic made some other less notable contributions to many other fields of science. An earlier discovery made by Hector was concerning the final steps in completing the lesser study of quarks he started years ago and had forgotten. In this study Hector used slow atomic disassembly (S.A.D) to pull atoms apart into their core elements, quarks. These where then used to try to recreate a hydrogen atom, it was later found that the quarks had a sort of memory in which they would reconnect more easily with particles they have already connected apposed to ones they where newly introduced to. This opened a strange new realm in sub-atomic tests allowing more accurate tests to be made and a better understanding of just how things could have formed toward the beginning of the universe.

Hector Giblic's Personal Information

Hector was quite a solemn man when it came to his work, but when he wasn't working he was a casual everyday guy who could share a good story or two. Even though he's devoted to his work, he always finds time to spend with his family. Hector's work may seem tedious, but for him, it's bliss, everyday he does what he loves. He knows what he does is famous, but in any case Hector can't help being humble, many times trying to give credit to someone else, only to have the person refuse to be responsible for such an intense discovery.

Hector Giblic's Physical Characteristics

Hector Giblic is a 46 year old man, 6' 4" tall, 175 lbs with red hair. The Giblics have had a lone lineage of red hair, mainly on account of his major Irish background from both His mother and fathers sides of the family. Hector was born with blues eyes that later faded and became a sort of Hazel color taking after his father. He is nearsighted and uses glasses yet also has a small astigmatism in his left eye.

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What I Think About Hector Giblic

I think Hector Giblic is a very important contributor to science especially with his most recent discovery. The findings of Negative Mass & The Quark Discoveries are probably the most notable in his career and he will surely go down in history as a great man. The amount of new knowledge accessible is astounding and will bring us to new highs on our way through the wonders of science.