Spaces, the Final Frontier

This is the first line in my code. But this is the second?

No, this is the second line because I surrounded it with paragraph tags.

Is this the third line? Yes.

This is the fourth line.

The browser only reads one space in my code. If I want my text to be on the very next line, I would have to code it that way.

The way you code the text to move to the next line is to use the
break tag. The "br" stands for "break" as in line break. Notice how the next
word is on this line and not the one above? It is because I used a break tag.

Space, a place filled with xenomorphs and teletubbies! It's the last place you want to make a mistake. Traveling at the speed of light could help... right? Not really, if we went the speed of light toward the closest galaxy, Andromeda, it would look like we weren't moving at all and take so long we would die. Of course going the speed of light is impossible. The thing that keeps our bodies together stops working at the speed of light and therefor we would be ripped apart at the atomic level... not fun. Plus the amount of fuel would be infinite. Maybe you think you can shine a laser at the moon, move really fast and the laser would mover acroos the surface faster than the speed of light... It wouldn't, when you move the laser, its not side to side, its moving in a straight line. This is extremely hard to explain only using text. you may also say if you had a plank or board long enough and moved it the other end would move faster than light, also not true, just as sound reacts and goes through matter like a wave, so does matter itself move like a wave... IMPOSSIBLE!!!