Spaces, The Final Frontier

This is the first line in my code. But this is the second?

No, this is the second line because I surrouned it with paragraph tags.

Is this the thrid line? Yes. But this is not the fourth line.

This is the fourth line.

The browser only reads one space in my code. If I want my text to be on the very next line, I would have to code it that way.

The way you code the text to move to the next line is to use the
break tag. The "br" stands for "break" as in line break. Notice how the next
word is on this line and not the one above? I is because the break tag.

Space is pretty confusing. Space is as big there is no limit. And if you go too far into space you can get crushed or just disappear. Space is also very pretty, all the constellations and planets. A really cool thing to see in space is the Milky Way Galaxy.