This is my third web page. This isn's as hard as it looked at first.

If you look above in the head element, you will see what is called "meta" tags inside. Meta tags help search engines calssify your pages. Be sure to describe the content of this page and and identify the author (you) in the appropriate place. Do it now if you haven't.

you will also see the style element in the head. More on this section later.

Lastly, what we call a script is at the end of the head element. This script helps Interent Explorerdisplay HTML5 pagescorrectly

In intro to web page class I have leanred to make a web page. Which is pretty cool because then you can make nay website you want on any subject you want. I also learned that its not as hard as it looked, even though it is a little difficult. But over all I learned alot in this class.