My Favorite Person, Derek Jeter

The Reason Derek Jeter is Famous

Derek Jeter is famous because he used to play for the New York Yankees, he had over 3000 hits in his career, and he is simply well known for all of his acomplishments. People love him and he is often referred to as "The Captain".

Derek Jeter's Personal Information

Derek Jeter has been interested in helping people and isn't very selfish. He has not let his fame get in the way of him helping people and he has not let his ego take over. He accomplished very much in his baseball career including many Championships and MVP Awards.

Derek Jeter's Physical Charecteristics

Derek Jeter's height is 6'3 and his weight is 195lbs. His hair color is dark brown .

Derek Jeter's likes and dislikes


Helping Children


Getting Emotional
Red Sox

What I think about Derek Jeter

I think Derek Jeter is a great athelete. He is great on and off the field because he not only has great accomplishments but he has started an organization called "The Turn Two Foundation." It is mainly foucused on kids. In my opinion he is a great role model & a great person.