Manny and Andy's Stories

Once upon a time, a group of students from Gross Catholic High school traveled to Washington D.C. It was a great time but the weather made us enjoy it less, however the best memories are made when things happen that you will never forget, and this is a trip that none of us will ever be able to get out of our minds. Myself (Andy), my partner, Emmanuel, Nathan Mackel, Kyle Sweeney, Xavier Gonzales, and Ian Fields are sitting in D.C. in front of the Washington monument. We went to D.C. during first semester with Mrs. Carson and Mrs. Dorwart. They told us that this trip was one of the coldest trips they have ever taken students on. It was a little chilly…but it was a very fun trip overall. friends in a picture
Alex DeWarth joined the previous group and took another picture In front of yet another monument in D.C. This was on the same day as the picture in front of the Washington monument, so it was still very cold. It was especially windy on the steps though, because it was so wide open. freinds taking naother picture together
Thomas Jefferson gave us the pleasure of taking a picture in front of him. It was a little dark in the building, but Ian’s bright, green neon polo lit up the whole place. taking a picture with Thomas Jefferson
After a full day of walking around, we arrived at the White house and everybody was greatly disappointed. The White house had always sounded so awesome and grand, but we were astounded at the sight of this tiny, boring “house”. We couldn’t even walk up to the fence for some reason. However there was a large group of people protesting outside the White House. I can’t remember what they were protesting about, but it was pretty interesting. There also was a man saying that the world was going to end soon. It was all a very interesting experience. picture with the white house
We couldn’t go to D.C. and not see Honest Abe. I think everybody enjoyed this monument, I personally liked it quite a bit. But it was still a cold and windy trip, which caused us all to have runny, red noses and frozen toes. Walking up the steps to see him was one of the hardest parts of the day, our legs were frozen and stiff. But through perseverance and the will and want to see another monument, we made it to the top. abraham lincoln
It was a nice evening, we had been walking the whole day but by that time we had been used to it already. One of the only modes of transportation was walking, so we had become accustomed to walking almost everywhere. But on this evening, we stumbled upon the Washington Monument and we had to take a picture of it. The bright yellow sun had no problem reaching the monument, there were no clouds in the sky. The warm sun lit up the white bricks and created a beautiful golden glow on it. Washington monument
Later that day, right after the sun had set, we traveled to Ewagema. Our nation prides itself with a strong fighting force, so we certainly couldn’t miss this representation of such a great moment in our History. The memorial was very intriguing at night, Mrs. Carson purposely arranged us to go to it at night because she thinks it looks better at that time. She was right. Even though Ewagema looked very cool, it was even colder at night. The sun had gone down and thus our main source of heat went away and left us with the moon. The trip to this monument was interesting though. We had to walk along the highway and wait until no cars were coming so we could pass. It was a little shady. Ewagema
Our group was honored with putting our school’s banner on the guard. Every year they choose certain schools to do so, we are always in that group. Ian and Tyler Todd presented the banner to the guard. This all took place at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier. A couple students wandered off behind where everybody else was and they witnessed this. It reminds me of some kind of Roman building. tomb of the unknown soldier
One of the most beautiful places we visited on our freshman D.C. trip was also one of the most important. It was the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Here, we saw statues and flowers covering the ground leading to the Washington monument. When we first entered, there was silence. Out of respect for the fallen soldiers that are being remembered in the memorial, everyone is asked to be be completely silent. In the silence, we first passed the wall graphite wall with the names of 58,272 fallen soldiers from the battle. Then, we entered a garden like area, where statues were placed that resembled the soldiers from the war. These statues are covered in flowers and viewed by thousands every day. vietnam memorial
One our way to our hotel, we passed one of the biggest and most important structures in the capital city; The Pentagon. The pentagon is where they keep the Department of Defense and is one of the world's largest office buildings. From our room 1608 we could see the Pentagon out of our window. We could almost see the inside of the structure. It was the best view we could have of the Pentagon. pentagon from the window of a hotel