Notice that we now added a background image to the page. The actual image is very small for a very good reason. The default setting for the background image in CSS is "repeat". Repeat tells the browser to repeat the image over and over. If I tell the CSS code to not repeat, the image will be very small, just like the image you saw on the page where you copied it.

This is the Verdana font. My favorite sport is baseball because I have played it since t-ball

This is the Georgia font. I have a dog named Freddy and he has diabetes.

This is the Courier font. The preident has one of the most important jobs in the nation, he controls very many things.

This is the Arial font. My favorite school class is probably science, I've just alwasy found it interesting.

This is the Tahoma font. My dad is an architect and his plans look cool.

This is the Trebuchet MS font. Every 4 years the winter olymipics take place and every 4 years the summer ones take place.

The font I like best is Courier.