Lesson 4a: Hyperlinks

If I could go on an all expense-paid trip I would go to Hawaii because it just seems like a really calm and relaxing place. I haven't ever gone surfing and I haven't swam in the ocean either, so hopefully while I was there I could get the opportunity to do so. Also, the only time I have been on a plane is when I went to Washington D.C. for Gross. However I have heard good things about Hawaiian Airlines so I would probably end up using them to fly. I would also like to stay in a very nice hotel, maybe I could look on The Travel Channel to get a good start. I'll probably get some Surf Training in order to help me learn faster and to do it correctly. I really hope there isn't any bad weather while I am there, I've seen some Bad Hawaii Weather before. I'll just have to plan my trip at the right time, then I will be safe. Maybe I could use Hawaiian planning to help me make sure that I don't go at a bad time. The hardest thing for me to do is to relax, but I bet I'll be able to find some Massage Places to help me. Also I'll need a new Swim Suit if I'm going to go swimming. And now that I.m thinking about swimming, I've remembered that I will also need some Swiming Accesories. Finally, I'll need to scout out some places to eat, maybe something like Roy's