What is Immigration?

Immigration is the action of moving from one country to another. Many immigrants come to another country with the hopes of a better life. There can be many causes for immigration they hope to get a better job, better living conditions, or get away from a disaster from their home country. Immigration bagan growing in the United States at the start of the Industrial Revolution. Since the world begain to invent newr technology there were jobs opening up, and some of those immigrants needed them. So many immigrants decided to come all over the world. The came to many places like California, New York, and the midwest.

What is Illegal Immigrationa picture of a road sign

Illegal Immigration is related to Immigration. The only difference is people come migrate to the country without permission or without papers or identification like a green card. Illegal Immigrants are called Aliens, because the government believes that they do not belong in this country unless they have papers. There are penalties to these actions. Many 'Aliens' are put in correctional facilities, and then deported back to their home country, or some are deported straight away.