Tyler and Alex's Story

There was once a family that decided to go on vacation. none of them knew where they wanted to go. Then one of the sons named Alex said "Why don't we go to Chicago the Windy City". Everyone agreed, so the next day they all packed their things, and traveled to Chicago. a picture of the city of Chicago
It was the next day and the entire family was heading to Chicago. After driving for eight hours they finally reached the City. They got to their hotel got comfortable and then decided to walk around the city. Chicago is a very big city, and one of the most beautiful thngs about it is Lake Michigan. Alex and his family had a great time that day just walking around the city. a picture of a man sitting by a lake
After a good night's sleep at the Hilton the family decided to go to the attractions by lake michigan. They went to the Field Museum of Chicago and had a good time. There were many interesting exhibits there, where you can learn a lot. My favorite was Sue the T-Rex. Sue is the most complete T-Rex skeleton found so far. Scientists cannot determine the sex of Sue, they believe it is a female. a picture of a T-Rex skeleton
The most popular exhibit at the museum at that time were the mummies. Everyone loved learning about them. You can consider yourself lucky if you get to the front so you can see the mummy in person. It took a while, but Alex and his family waited and got to the front. At first you might find it creepy that you are facing a dead body that has been preserved for who knows how long. a picture of a mummie
After going to the museum the happy family were on their way to the planeterium right next to the museum. The family ended up being dissapointed, because they thought it was going to be more exciting. The most exciting thing was probably the meteorite that was sitting next to the cafe. a picture of a big meteorite
Since we were at the planeterium and we were hungry we all decided to take a short break and eat lunch. The view was nice as you could see Chicago and Lake Michigan. At the same time it was awkward seeing kids walking around us asking us what type of sandwich we were eating. a picture of people sitting at tables eating lunch
After the planeterium we all decided we should go to the Shedd Aquarium, since we still had four hours before they closed. So as we walked the were frightened, because we saw the longest line we have ever seen. We went through but went we got inside there was another line to get your tickets. after waiting half an hour (we got lucky) we got inside and started enjoying the views. There were many things at the aquarium like dolphins, otters, tropical fish and much more. a picture of a very long waiting line at Shedd Aquarium
The best part of the aquarium were the dolhpins. The were well trained so they knew many tricks, and they also knew how to greet people. I had no idea they were that smart and that interested me. Two of the three dolphins came up and started greeting my Dad. My dad was laughing, because they were doing tricks for him. They would roll around and start jumping all over the water tank. I think it was well worth it for the dolphins, because they got plenty of treats after the show. a picture of two dolphins
The next day we slept in and relaxed. We went for a swim at the pool and after that we ate breakfast. The day was cloudy, but it was still quite enjoyable. The weather was very nice. Around the afternoon my dad took us to go watch a Chicago Cubs game. I was really excited when I found out, because I have never been to a MLB game. That day the Colorado Rockies played against the Cubs. My family and I had a great time watching the game and enjoying ourselves. We bought a lot of snacks like pretzls, sunflower seeds, and a lot more. I don't remember the exact score, but i know the Cubs beat the Rockies. a picture of a sign saying 'welcome to wrigley field'
After the game was over we went to dinner. We were not sure on where to go, so we asked people for the best pizza place. Many told us Gino's East was the best place. We went to the restaraunt and ordered their specialty. About forty minutes later they came out with the biggest deep-dish pizza i have ever seen. It was very delicous, it had tomato sauce and all sorts of cheese. I don't think I have ever eaten such a good pizza. I really enjpyed it and so did my family. The trip to Chicago was one of the best vacations my family has ever been on, and we hope to go back soon. Click here to view a larger pizza